To Purchase Paintings

To Purchase Paintings

Welcome ! Thank you for coming to visit my new website.

To view the original paintings, or photographs of more paintings than are on the site

I have painted many more paintings than are presently shown on the site. Please return often to see additional paintings that will be added over time.

You can also request to see paintings of a specific type or subject. If so, through the contact page, please notify us of the type or subject of painting in which you are interested, so that we can send you photographs by email, or up-load them to the website.

If you are in Israel, you can come to my studio in Jerusalem to see the original paintings. If you are coming from abroad, please inform us in advance so that we will be able to plan an appropriate time for your visit.

To Purchase Paintings

If you are interested in purchasing specific paintings, please notify us through the Contact Us page, and we will send you details and prices. We will discuss the way in which you will pay at the time of the purchase.

Getting the Paintings from me to you

Paintings done in Oil on Canvas or Aquarelles can be sent to any place in the world that has postal relations with Israel. We will discuss how to transport paintings done in Oil on Cardboard or in Mixed Media separately for each painting.

If you are in Israel, please get in touch so that we can find the most convenient way to get the paintings from me to you.

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